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AgriScience Applications

Amisorb ScienceThe combination of fertilizer loss through soil leaching resulting in ground water contamination and low use efficiency by plants helped create an overuse of fertilizer with only marginal yield improvements. The environmental impact of ground water contamination has been enormous. This has caused the EPA to ask each state for voluntary mandates for fertilizer reduction. NanoChem has developed the first patented technology to aid states, growers and farmers in meeting their fertilizer mandates.

NanoChem's beta proteins, with large negatively charged molecules, acts like a magnet in attracting all essential nutrients for more aggressive uptake into and utilization by the crop. This results in measurable increases in yields and quality features while significantly reducing ground water contamination and pollution.

  • Crop Management - NanoChem's beta proteins are used to attract and collect nutrients for more efficient fertilizer uptake by plants thereby increasing yieds, improving crop output traits and promoting a significant reduction in both fertilizer use and ground water contamination.

  • Crop Protection - In crop protection, NanoChem's products dramatically reduces the levels of herbicides and insecticides required for efficacy by concentrating their effectiveness and as a result significantly reduces ground water contamination.

  • Seed Coatings - NanoChem's beta protein protects expensive seed and significantly improves the growth of the resulting seedling.