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Donlar Biosyntrex Corp. Issued Important U.S. Patent For Corrosion Inhibition in Water Treatment and Liquid Fertilizer Industries

Donlar Biosyntrex Corporation announced the issuance of a new patent (U.S. 6,277,302) that represents another breakthrough in the use of an environmentally friendly technology to prevent and control the corrosion of metals. This patented technology is designed for use in water-based systems that are corrosive to metals found in typical industrial water treatment and agricultural applications.

The corrosion of metal equipment is a widespread and expensive problem in many industrial applications such as open recirculating cooling systems and in agriculture where liquid fertilizers are used. Millions of dollars in metal replacement, repair and lost production due to corrosion problems occurs annually in the U.S. alone.

In industrial water treatment, the formation of scale and corrosion is a major problem. The growth of mineral crystals on heat transfer surfaces leads to decreased heat transfer. Corrosion of the heat transfer components can lead to costly replacements and failures. Whereas the addition of existing chemicals are known to reduce scale, they are not known to inhibit corrosion and they have a negative effect on the environment.NanoChem's new technology provides a more environmentally acceptable solution to both scale and corrosion control.

In agriculture, the storage and application of fertilizer solutions can be problematic due to the corrosive nature of the fertilizers themselves. NanoChem's technology provides effective corrosion inhibition of metals in contact with known fertilizer solutions, such as urea ammonium nitrate. An additional benefit of this technology is the potential to enhance the performance of fertilizers.