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What Is EX10?rootlets

EX10™ is a patented fertilizer availability enhancement product. When added to fertilizer, EX10™ increases the nutrient level in plants by keeping fertilizer available for an extended period of time. (See the root hair development at right).

It is estimated that 30% to 50% of a crop’s productivity is attributed directly to fertilizer; but often less than 50% of applied fertilizer is absorbed by the plant.

EX10™ is a proven fertilizer additive when used with a balanced
fertilizer program delivers healthier, stronger plants with faster maturity and higher yields.

EX10 is Proven!

Implementing the use of EX10™ increases efficiency of traditional nutrient management programs. EX10™ has been researched and agronomically proven to increase yields on over 50 crops across North America since 1996. There are a minimum of 13 different US patents referring to the agronomic benefits of using EX10™

How does EX10™ work?cotton_corn

EX10™ increases crop yields by protecting the phosphorus fertilizer. Phosphorous has a negative charge while calcium, magnesium, iron and aluminum all have positive charges.

When phosphorous fertilizer is applied in soils or water, without EX10™, most of the negative charged phosphorus is attached to the positive charged calcium, iron or aluminum preventing its absorption by the crop. This dramatically reduces the efficiency of the applied phosphorus.

When EX10™ is added, because it has a large negative charge, it attaches to the positive charged calcium, iron or aluminum that ordinarily would bind with the phosphorus, thereby leaving the phosphorus free to be taken up by the plant.

EX10™ keeps both the applied nutrient and the natural nutrients in the water source more available for plant uptake by not allowing this attraction to occur.

EX10™ also reduces the amount of “scaling” or precipitants that build up in a sprayer or irrigation system.

How Does EX10™ Affect Crops?

In many crops the root system of treated plants will have more root branching and longer root hairs, which enables them to make greater use of available nutrients (fertilizer). With nutrients readily available, plants develop easier and faster.

Early and fast growth can help overcome the stress from drought caused by heat and/or low moisture levels. Early plant development also speeds maturity, which can make a big difference in the profit or loss from your crop.

                                      Summary of EX10™ Yield Enhancement

                                  18 Crops - 230 Trials - 22 States


Crop # Trials Yield Increase Crop # Trials Yield Increase
alfalfa 1 3,355# potatoes Can 13 76 cwts
field corn 46 11.4 bu potatoes ID 4 55 cwts
s. corn 22 9.1% Potatoes Wi 6 25 cwts
bell peppers 5 150 boxes rice 1 $101/acre
sugar cane 1 591# snap beans 10 $122/acre
cotton 31 211# sugar beets 9 $64.57/ac.
collards 1 20.3% silage corn 14 1.94 tons
citrus 5 1.55 Tna sorghum 6 22 bu.
onions 9 27.9% dry beans 9 $56.64/acre
tomatoes FL 16 259 Bxs Lettuce 2 19.1 %
tomatoes CA 19 13.2 %      

effects on uni corn trials


46 total trials Application of EX10™ increased overall yield 11.35 bushel per acre
11 trials 2 quarts EX10™ applied with starter fertilizer at planting increased average yield 16.0 bushel per acre
7 trials 1 quart of EX10™ applied with starter fertilizer at planting increased average yield 12.3 bushel per acre
16 trials 1 to 11.4 quarts EX10™ broadcast increased yield an average of 8.6 bushel per acre
5 trials 2 quarts split applied, (starter and sidedressed ) increased yield 7.7 bushel per acre
4 trials 2 quarts sidedressed increased yield 8.2 bushel
3 trials 2 quarts EX10™ banded between or over rows increased yield 12.0 bushel



EX10™ is a crystal growth inhibitor that delays the formation of insoluble, unavailable precipitates which consume both cationic and anionic nutrients.
As a result, much higher levels of soluble nutrients are available to plants.

The slides (right) demonstrate the mixing of calcium chloride and ammonium sulfate solutions without EX10™and with one drop of EX10™. In the mix that does not contain EX10™ the positively charged calcium attracts the negatively charged sulfate to form insoluble calcium sulfate.

When this occurs in soil solution, both calcium and sulfate become unavailable to plants. In the presence of EX10™, no precipitate forms. Therefore, calcium and sulfate remain in the soil solution in soluble form and can be more available to plants.


"By using EX10™ in sandy soil with low organic content, we saw a very positive result from petiole tests. It seemed to hold the phosphate at a high level 2-3 weeks longer.” - Wayne G., VP Sales, Plover, WI.

“Because of our high calcareous water, a lot of times we clogged sprinkler systems when we added 10-34 to irrigation water. By adding EX10™ to the 10-34 we have eliminated this problem. It also really helps foliar uptake of micronutrients in potatoes as we can tell by the stable petioles.” - Garth H., Salesman, Burley, ID.

“We’ve seen enhanced uptake of 2-3 primary nutrients in our onions and tomatoes. We had fields with long-term phosphate problems, but after using EX10™, the problem went away. We’re real happy with the performance of EX10™.” - Russ K., Division Manager Bakersfield, CA.


Printable PDF EX10 Brochure

EX10™ is the NanoChem Solutions’ trademark for polyaspartic acid used in crop yield extension.