With over 900 trials on over 40 crops in the US and across the world, NanoChem offers innovative ways to improve nutrient uptake efficiency in plants. From flexible ways to stabilize urea and ammonium-based fertilizers to a biodegradable amino-acid polymer that improves uptake of all nutrients, NanoChem continues to find ways to improve yields and returns for farmers.
Used as a biodegradable alternative to other non-biodegradable scale inhibitors in detergents, soaps, and dishwashing solutions, NanoChem's amino-acid polymer works to improve the detergency and efficacy of formulations in a variety of markets. Through the polymer's anionic charge, the effects of calcium and magnesium (collectively referred to as "hardness") are minimized, allowing the formulations to work better.
NanoChem’s biodegradable amino-acid polymer has been reducing mineral scale in oil & gas operations for decades. Used in sensitive environments that require complete biodegradation, NanoChem’s amino-acid polymer is built specifically to help inhibit the scale formation that can cause a decrease in flow and production.
The addition of NanoChem’s biodegradable, phosphorus-free amino-acid polymer has been shown to reduce the scaling that can occur as well as provide mild corrosion properties. It provides an excellent option for non-phosphorus formulations.
Beginning with a spray-dried food-grade polyaspartate polymer, NanoChem's Nutraceutical division continues to grow and diversify to help customers reach their goals.  As customers present new challenges, NanoChem continues to look at unique ways to grow with...
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