With over 900 trials on over 40 crops in the US and across the world, NanoChem offers innovative ways to improve nutrient uptake efficiency in plants.

Used as a biodegradable alternative to other non-biodegradable scale inhibitors in detergents, soaps, and dishwashing solutions, NanoChem’s amino-acid polymer works to improve the detergency and efficacy of formulations in a variety of markets.

NanoChem’s biodegradable amino-acid polymer has been reducing mineral scale in oil & gas operations for decades.

The addition of NanoChem’s biodegradable, phosphorus-free amino-acid polymer has been shown to reduce the scaling that can occur as well as provide mild corrosion properties. It provides an excellent option for non-phosphorus formulations.


NanoChem’s spray drying unit is a combustion unit that can spray dry 1000 lbs per hour. It has the ability to handle products with higher solids and viscosity than conventional spray driers.