Beginning with a spray-dried food-grade polyaspartate polymer, NanoChem’s Nutraceutical division continues to grow and diversify to help customers reach their goals.  As customers present new challenges, NanoChem continues to look at unique ways to grow with their customers and makes the equipment and engineering investments necessary to support those challenges.  


NanoChem’s spray drying unit is a combustion unit that can spray dry up to 500 liquid kg per hour. It has the ability to handle products with higher solids and viscosity than conventional spray driers. It also has a higher heat transfer rate, which dries the material very quickly, while allowing for lower dryer exit temperatures—which in turn reduces product degradation. With no nozzles or rotary disks to wear out, every droplet sees the same atomization energy and the same differential temperature. This allows for more uniform particle size distributions than with conventional spray dryers.


With NanoChem’s liquid and spray-dry capabilities, NanoChem can encapsulate active ingredients to increase their stability, bioavailability, or to mask the taste if the active ingredient is going into a chewable or edible formulation.  NanoChem has high-shear homogenization capabilities that can help reduce the particle size of dispersed active ingredients during the encapsulation step prior to spray drying.


With reactors that can heat and chill, NanoChem can react and create mineral chelates and active-ingredient salts that can help stabilize active ingredients, increase their solubliity, and ultimately their bioavailabilities.  


NanoChem has a complete set of pilot-scale and production-scale granulators, extruders, spheronizers, and coaters to manufacture any type of homogenized and layered beadlets.  Beadlet sizes can range from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm, and can be immediate release, delayed released and/or sustained release.  With a combination of both homogenization and layering capabilities, a single bead can contain both sustained-release actives as well as immediate-release actives.  


WIth a capacity up to about 1000 kg depending on the bulk density of the products, NanoChem has the ability to blend a variety of products from large-batch premixes to mineral blends and everything in between.  We can package in bulk containers down to 20/25-kg bags that can include poly bags and mylar bags and even vacuum sealing with nitrogen depending on the active ingredients blended.

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